Google Workspace Directory contacts vs Voyzu shared contacts

An overview of the differences between Google Workspace Directory contacts and Voyzu shared contacts

Voyzu Shared contacts

Voyzu Shared contacts are regular Google Contacts that have been added to a special contacts label #voyzu shared

These are regular Google contacts, and can be added, edited, merged, printed, emailed or imported or exported. If you have installed Voyzu from the Google Workspace marketplace you will notice that you and your users have the #voyzu shared contacts label automatically added.

Note: The free version of Voyzu Shared Contacts allows you to share up to 30 contacts with up to 3 users. Subscribe to Voyzu Shared Contacts Full Edition to manage up to 10,000 contacts, accross 300 domain users. See the pricing page for more information.

Google Workspace Directory contacts

Google Workspace Directory contacts live in the Google Workspace Directory. The Google Workspace directory is a read only list containing your domain users and any external contacts you have added. The list can be viewed in Google contacts by clicking on the 'Directory' label.

This list of external contacts and domain users is sometimes also known as the 'Global Directory', 'External Contact List' or 'Global Address List (GAL)'.

This list is read only for all users, including administrators. If you are logged in to Google using your Google Workspace account email and visit your google contacts and click on 'Directory' you will notice there is no option to add a new contact. Also contacts cannot be edited, merged, printed, emailed or imported or exported. Contacts can only be managed using the Google Workspace Contacts API (requires software development expertise) or using a third party application such as Voyzu Contacts Directory

Can I use both Directory contacts and Voyzu shared contacts?

You can. Shared contacts and Directory contacts are two separate and independent lists.

Which method of sharing contacts should I use?

The Google Workspace Directory is a read only list of contacts - users can see Directory contacts but cannot add or edit contacts. Domain admins manage this global, read-only list in Voyzu. This works for organizations that want to maintain a central read-only list of contacts and want to control access to who can modify data in this list. Modifying Directory contacts is done in Voyzu, so you need to log into Voyzu to manage contacts. Directory contacts do not appear on your users mobile devices.

Voyzu shared contacts on the other hand can be edited by all users who have access to the #voyzu shared label. Users can manage this list themselves, with changes being shared across all participating domain users. Users do not need to leave their familiar Google environment and can make changes within Google contacts. Voyzu Shared contacts are fully accessible on mobile devices

If you can't decide between the two methods, our recommendation is to go with Voyzu shared contacts